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Chester County Fuel Oil Solutions


We offer automatic fuel oil deliveries as well as will-call fuel oil deliveries. Our automatic fuel oil delivery service provides fuel throughout the heating season; we use a technology based on degree days to predict when you will need an oil delivery. We offer this valuable service to all our customers at no additional cost! 

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Same low pricing for new and existing customers

You will receive market pricing with a price cap, indicated under Oil Plans Offered. Your price will never exceed the maximum price, but it can fall short of it. That's why there is a non-refundable Cap Protection fee to join. This fee will automatically be billed to your account when you sign up and will be payable upon receipt of the invoice. Do keep in mind that there will be a $350 charge to cancel your contract. To participate in this Program, you must be on automatic delivery and purchase all of your oil for the season from Chester County Fuel Inc. 

Click to enroll in the Cap Protection Program Contract.

Your price will fluctuate with the market with no cap price and no fees. Click to enroll in a Market Price Contract.



With this plan, you will be able to purchase all of your fuel before the heating season begins. This will allow you to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to oil price fluctuation throughout the winter. Payment for all your oil for the season will be due before the season begins. You will be sent an invoice for the full amount, payable within 15 days.

CAP PRICE:  $4.449 a gallon + $0.40 per gallon CAP Protection Fee   


With our Budget Plan, you can save money on your heating bills while also providing more control over your fuel oil purchases.  This payment plan allows you to evenly and conveniently spread your annual fuel payments over the course of 11 or 12 months rather than paying for your annual oil supply in a few short months. Payments are due the 15th of each month.

CAP PRICE:  $4.549 a gallon + $0.40 per gallon CAP Protection Fee         MARKET PRICE: FLUCTUATES


The following is a discount schedule for paying the office within ten days of your delivery. To obtain the reduced price below, payments must be made on time.

CAP PRICE:  $4.599 a gallon + $0.40 per gallon CAP Protection Fee          MARKET PRICE: FLUCTUATES

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Chester County Fuel Inc. proudly supports LIHEAP.

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