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1.    All heating oil needs are to be purchased from Chester County Fuel Inc. during the term of the contract. To provide coverage, all accounts must be kept current. Unpaid balances over sixty days will void Service Contract until paid in full. All legal costs, including attorney fees for delinquent accounts, are chargeable and collectible.

2.    The effective period of the contract shall be for one year, subject to inspection and approval of equipment. Pre-existing conditions are not covered under the contract. Inspection may be done at time of cleanout.

3.    It is the responsibility of the customer to schedule the Annual Cleanout. Equipment not serviced during the course of the contract year may be subject to additional charges if servicing takes longer than normal.

4.    This contract covers only those repairs and replacements of parts specified herein whose failure results from normal operation. Any person other than our technicians performing repairs or adjustments to your equipment will void this contract. Chester County Fuel Inc. will not be liable for any damages caused to unattended or unoccupied dwellings.

5.    This contract does not cover water leaks, water damage, damage caused by basement deterioration, frozen oil lines from storage tanks, frozen pipes or water in oil tanks, excess sludge in tank, printed circuit board for fan and/or burner control, micro-processor primary control, hot water coils and heat exchanger. The contract does not cover forces beyond our control, such as floods, fires, lightening, government acts, etc.

6.    Chester County Fuel Inc. shall not be liable for failure or delay to provide service if the failure or delay results from availability at the source of supply to Chester County Fuel Inc.

7.    Chester County Fuel Inc. shall not be liable for customer failure to use normal care in equipment operation, including but not limited to: failure to keep sufficient water in boiler, sufficient oil in tank, blown fuses, failure to turn on emergency switch, thrown circuit breakers, changing of thermostat batteries, for improper air intake in heater room, failure to schedule Annual Maintenance (cleanout), refusal of tank treatment at time of cleanout, or any other causes unrelated to normal operation.

8.    If, when due age or obsolescence, it is no longer practical to continue to service your equipment, Chester County Fuel Inc. reserves the right to cancel this contract; or change the contract Plan from a Plan B or a Plan C to a Plan A.

9.    All parts, equipment and/or labor not covered under this contract will be charged to the customer at the current rates.

10.    The following furnaces, boilers, and/or hot water heaters cannot be covered under Plan B and Plan C due to obsolescence and parts availability: Winkler, Oil-O-Matic, GE, Timkin, and any pot type vaporizing burners, Iron Fireman, mobile home furnaces, Blue Ray, Dynatherm, Yukon, some Weil McLain boilers and Ducane furnaces when parts are no longer available, condensing furnaces, or furnaces or boilers that can also burn other fuels such as coal or wood.

11.    This contract covers residential units (up to 2.90 GPH), not including mobile homes. Commercial quotes are available upon request.

12.    Failure to adhere to this contract renders it null and void and Chester County Fuel Inc. shall not be under obligation to refund in full or in part any payment for this contract.

13.    This contract is automatically self-renewing each successive year at the prevailing rate. Upon renewal, please call the office if you would like to cancel.

14.    Any work recommended by Chester County Fuel Inc. must be scheduled by the customer and completed in a timely matter. Contract coverage will be suspended until work is completed.

15.    Payment toward your service contract, or use of our services, constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Chester County Fuel Inc. recommends that the area around your heating unit and oil tank be kept clean and easily accessible, for safety and servicing of the unit.


Pa Contractor Registration No. PA142394 
Bureau of Consumer Protection 1-888-520-6680

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