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Do You Need HVAC Repair in West Chester, PA? 7 Signs to Upgrade Your HVAC System

Are you struggling with your HVAC system? Does that mean it's time to upgrade? Will HVAC repair in West Chester, PA, be sufficient? Unfortunately, there's no straightforward answer because there are so many variables.

In general, HVAC systems last approximately 15-20 years; however, with regular maintenance, they could last longer.


In order to make an informed decision, these seven signs can help determine whether you need an upgrade or not:

1. Expensive Air Conditioning Repair

When your unit reaches the end of its useful life, buying a replacement is more financially beneficial for you. In some instances, the cost to repair a damaged device can be comparable to the cost to replace it. 

Generally, you should get a replacement unit if the cost of your HVAC service or repairs is at least half of the cost to replace it.


2. The Unit Is Old

You might want to start looking for a new heating and cooling unit if you've had one for at least 20 years. 


Most homeowners overlook the fact that these units have a limited lifespan, and eventually, its age will catch up to it regardless of the amount of professional service it has had.

3. Regular Repairs

You shouldn't have to repair your unit very often. Therefore, if you have your local technician from Chester County Fuel Oil on speed dial, it might be time for a new system. 


The cost of regular repairs will eventually exceed the cost of an upgrade. Can't decide between a replacement or HVAC repair? West Chester, PA, residents can contact an experienced professional like Chester County Fuel Oil to make the right decision.


4. Increased Energy Bills

Your heating and cooling system may be malfunctioning if your monthly power bill has unexpectedly increased. When a heater or air conditioner starts failing, it will have to work harder to supply your home with heat or cold air, reducing its efficiency and increasing its energy consumption.

It's probably time to start looking for a more effective replacement if your system is continuously running, isn't functioning properly, and consumes a lot of energy.

5. The AC Unit Doesn't Turn Off

Many people have AC units because it's convenient, and they can turn them on and off throughout the day. 

However, if it doesn't turn off, you'll constantly be exposed to high energy bills, which is a nightmare. You need a heating or cooling service call from Chester County Fuel ASAP if this is the case.


6. Bad Smells

If you use your unit for the first time after a seasonal change and notice a strange smell, this could simply be because of dust accumulated in the vents.


If you notice funny smells whenever you turn the heating or cooling on, you might be dealing with a serious problem.  Funny smells may be a signal that your unit may need to be replaced by a professional specializing in HVAC services, like Chester County Fuel Oil. 

7. Tripped Circuit Breaker

While it is true that a single trip of your circuit breaker by your HVAC system is nothing to be concerned about, repeated trips are another story. 


Consider calling your neighborhood specialist like Chester County Fuel Oil to schedule a repair if your HVAC unit frequently causes your circuit breakers to trip.


Is it Time for an Upgrade? Get Your HVAC Services Today!

Does it look like you need air conditioning services? If you need HVAC repair in West Chester, PA, you can find all sorts of assistance: from emergency services to preventative maintenance and cooling services. An upgrade could be just what you need! Contact Chester County Fuel Oil today to figure out what would be best for you!

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