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1.  Your fuel oil purchasing plan will automatically renew each year (heating season). You must communicate with our office in writing if you wish to change your plan or the number of gallons used in the calculation of your pricing plan. Our calculations are based on the history of oil gallons delivered in previous years.


2.  There is a Cap Protection Fee of $0.30 per gallon for each gallon reserved for the Cap Protection Program.  The price for your reserved gallons will never exceed the price cap, but will go below as the market dictates.  Any gallons delivered over your Fixed or Capped reserved amount will be billed at Market Rate.  For new customers, we will do our best to help you determine a sufficient number of gallons to reserve

3.  Payment toward your fuel pricing plan, or use of our services, constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions.


4.  There will be a $350.00 cancellation fee to terminate Fixed or Capped Oil Contracts.


5.  Contract is valid until May 31st of each year.


6.  Market pricing will fluctuate. There are no enrollment or cancellation fees.


7.  You must be on Automatic Delivery and purchase all of your oil for the season from Chester County Fuel Inc. to participate in the Fixed or Cap Protection Programs.  Will Call (if approved by the office) deliveries are based on a minimum of 150 gallons.  There will be an additional cost per gallon if delivery is less than 150 gallons.


8.  Budget payments cannot be skipped, unless approved by the office.


9.  Monies from the Prepay or Budget Plans are not to be used to pay for service invoices unless approved by the office.


10.  Late and missed payments will be subject to finance charges and market prices, if higher, at the time of your delivery.


11.  End of season top-offs must be requested 2 weeks prior to May 31.  There will be an additional cost per gallon if delivery is less than 150 gallons.


12.  Automatic deliveries will continue until cancelled in writing, even if your Pricing Plan has expired.


13.  If forces beyond our control, i.e. extreme weather, war or destruction, occur that adversely affect diesel and gasoline prices, we maintain the right to charge a fuel surcharge.


14.  If you would like to pay with a check for oil deliveries or HVAC services, a credit application must be filled out and approved, otherwise, you can pay with cash or money order/bank check or by credit card.  If paying by credit card, a $0.05 per gallon transaction fee will be added.  


15.  Customers will be added to our newsletter & email distribution list and may opt out if desired. Email addresses will also be added to our customer database to be used for correspondence including, but not limited to, billing, program information, etc.  Chester County Fuel does not sell or distribute email addresses to third parties.


16.  All legal costs for delinquent accounts are chargeable and collectible, including attorney fees.



Pa Contractor Registration No. PA142394 
Bureau of Consumer Protection 1-888-520-6680


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